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Radio 2 loft conversions with Clive Holland incorrect facts

I've just been listening to radio 2 with Clive Holland re loft conversions . Quite a bit of incorrect infuriating infomation. 


 21 December, 2016  

Latest review about Apex Lofts

Loft conversion High Wycombe by Apex Lofts,  latest review . 

 29 April, 2016  

Roof lift loft conversion in York. Roof was off, back on and watertight in one day!

Loft conversion in York Whole roof removed and replaced in a day.

 29 April, 2016  

Loft conversion Jersey with roof lift or modular jersey homelife show

With the Jersey homelife show the thought of loft conversions must be on some of the residents minds.

With figures just published on how much a loft conversion puts on the price of your home and jersey house prices greatly exsagerated , a roof lift loft conversion either modular or non modular loft conversion ( personnaly the only way to go ;) ) could not only give you the space you need but increase your home on jersey by a massive amount .

 29 March, 2016  

Something fishy about a claim on a roof local to me .



Complete Rubbish  . The scrap value of the above galvanised gable strap is at 3 kg ( although it's not ) is 15p at worst or 39p at best . Potentially the  thieves might have actually wanted the 30 straps , if this it the case they have saved about £300 as that is what they cost . 
But and its a very big but these straps can be used for a number of different things in a roof and non of which when removed would cause a roof to collapse ! The roof could be lifted off in the wind as is fairly common , if they are not fitted , especially in high winds when the roof tiles are not on . The other problem from the theft of these could be a gable blown out or in . But I'm making it clear a roof would not collapse when these are removed . Someone is bull shiting somebody . Probably the person that did not put the diagonal bracing on the roof . 
Paul woodcock 


 01 March, 2016  

Raise the roof on my house .

Can I raise the roof on my house is one of the biggest questions I'm asked , usually with a bit more detail I've good news for people . But it's always planning dependent. In this day and age with a housing shortage a loft conversion would be the way forward after all they take up none of the valuable floor space and they have the least volume increase to space gain of any building project . 

But unfortunaly we are in a constant battle for planning for loft conversions even though we nearly always get our way , it's still a fight . 




 28 September, 2015  

Letter to George Osborne

A couple of weeks ago I was infuriated with George Osborne's comments on housing shortage " people should be able to afford a house they need to live in " was one of those quotes . Simple make it easier to have a loft and raise the roof like myself and firms such as moduloft do . So I tweeted him and two days later he made an announcement that he was ( I think he thinks it's as easy as that ) but until planning change their narrow minded " little hitler " attitude it's not going to happen . Any how here is my letter to the government head of planning , George Osborne and anyone else I can find until someone listens and takes action . 


 02 August, 2015  

Moduloft Prefabricated Loft Conversions

Is your roof too low for a loft conversion? Apex has a great solution .

 29 January, 2015  

Loft too low to convert?

Is your loft too low to convert ? well look no further Apex loft converions has the solution. 

Fill in the enquiry form and we'll be back to you in a few hours to explain how.

 29 January, 2015  

Loft Conversion in Kendal

We've just converted our best loft conversion yet In kendal.


 27 January, 2015  

Happy new year sorry for any delay in getting back to your enquiries.

As a treat, myself and Rachael my amazing midwife other half decided to have a slightly alternative new year and ended up roofing a toilet and shower block for an orphanage in indonesia.

After a fantastic few weeks away doing a very satisifing job ive come back to a slightly high enquiry workload.

I'm working my way through it as fast as possible and will be in touch shortly.

Thanks woody 

 18 January, 2015  

Apex is the perfect Moduloft alternative.

Apex lofts is the perfect moduloft alternative and here's why.

We have been raising the roofs on homes for many more years then moduloft.

Our time scales from start to completion are the same if not shorter on some projects.

With Apex you get the owner of the company on site for most of the job as we only run one job at once.

Moduloft need very big cranes where we can normally get away with a small city crane.

Apex lofts has been known to be 40% to 25% cheaper than Moduloft and never more expensive.

We also promise you will get more loft for your money with no expensive "moduloft" gimicks.

Bold statments but you only need to see the quality of our work to appriciate why to use Apex loft conversions and not Modulofts.


 18 January, 2015  

10 reasons to use Apex lofts.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best loft convertors in the country. Here's why !

 26 March, 2014  

How much value does a loft conversion put on a home/house?

It's a question i do get asked from time to time and my reply is; are you planning on selling your home?. the reply i usually receive is no, but i can understand why people would want to know the potential increase in value (if any) on their property. Heres a brief synopsis of my explaination. 

 26 March, 2014  

The new generation velux window a more energy efficient streamlined product in our lofts from March 2014

We try and stay at the forefront of technology at Apex in all aspects from insulation to windows , methods to design here our partner velux's new generation window enabling us to get more light into you loft yet keeping you even warmer with the new insulated frame and better u value on the glass. 


 25 March, 2014  

We get asked if we are a member of the federation of master builders now and again.

Heres why we are not. I do like the quote a few posts later " the only checks fmb did is can i pay "

We belive here at  Apex that you should see our reviews, see our work for yourself and talk to as many ex customers as you like rather then letting a federation made to make money off builders tell you we are ok when really it's unsubstantiated.  


http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4163621  25 March, 2014  

A bungalow loft conversion guided tour of our loft conversion kendal.

Raising the roof to form loft conversion.

Raise the roof loft conversion.

Low pitched roof to a steeper pitch loft conversion.

This is a job we did in kendal, it took just short of 4 weeks to complete as we had some great weather and worked the weekends to complete it as fast as we could for our client.

 19 March, 2014  

Hip to gable loft conversions

A few years ago I was getting phone calls for loft conversions in semidetached homes. 

I'd say 70% ( my own estimate ) of these homes had hipped roofs. This means the roof usually slopes down on all three sides. Most of these homes had a exiting stairs that runs up on the side external wall. In a ideal world so as to up minimal space from any bedroom or the loft floor area, the well designed  new loft stairs needs to go above the old one, simple ? Or is it ? The problem you have is because of the hip you can very rarely you get the head room at the top of the loft stairs (1.9m). 

There are three solutions besides not having your loft converted.

option 1 you change the position and put the stairs in the centre of the property. 

The main disadvantage is as mentioned above this will take a large amount of space from at least one bedroom and a large amount of floor area out of the loft floor that also is under the highest part of the loft. 

Option 2

Is a hip dormer this fulfils a its purpose and will get you your head room on the stairs

 19 March, 2014  

BBC Article on loft conversions top tips.

An interesting read on loft conversion on the BBC, find the article here.


 19 March, 2014  

Raise the roof loft conversion

Raising the roof for a loft conversion proves a cost effective way of gaining space but the main thing is the amount of space you can gain. Normally in any detached property by raising the roof you could form 2 rooms and an eunsuite.

In some cases we can get 4 good sized bedrooms in larger foot print propeties. But at the end of the day sky is the limit. 


 19 March, 2014  

At last you can watch a video walk around " mickey mouse "

This roof was taken off in one day and was back on and water tight by end of that same day.

 19 March, 2014  

Roof lift loft conversions

Roof lift loft conversions are not a new thing but they are pretty complicated and becuase of this most builders will not get involved if they even have the imagination to even think its possible.

 19 March, 2014  

Modular loft conversions

Ive been asked a few times why i don't do modular loft conversions and here's some good reasons why.

 12 March, 2014  

Bats and Loft Conversions

Bats have always been a bit of a taboo in the building industry, you mention bats and the builder goes "shhh" It's been thought for a long time if bats are found on a project that everything stops

 21 February, 2014  

Loft conversion forum

The IT Guys at Apex are working on a loft conversion forum so that people that carry out loft conversions and people that are looking to get one or even do a self build loft conversion can swap informatiom , tips and expertise.

We'll keep you posted on progress.

Paul Woodcock

 21 February, 2014  

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from woody and the team to all past customers and all future . Thanks for your business . X

 21 February, 2014  

Velux 5* installer status

 21 February, 2014  

Loft conversion problems and maintenance. ( blocked wastes )( leaking velux window in loft conversion )

Now and again i get the phone call i dread " woody we have a problem with our loft ". Now i dont dread them because of any inconvienience to me but more because of the inconvienience to my client.


 21 February, 2014  

Loft conversions in 2014

Happy new year to all Apexloft.com visitors.

We only have limited space in 2014 now so please act fast to aviod disapointment.

 21 February, 2014  

Merry Christmas from all at Apex

Thanks for all you support and asking some great questions for our blog and loft conversion questions and answers section. 

We wish you all the best for 2014 and don't miss out on the very few spaces for loft conversions in 2014 . 

Woody and team

 27 December, 2013  

Free boilers with all new loft conversions *

The Government are doing a energy saving grant scheme again . Don't miss out again !  18 January, 2013   Read More...

Replacement boiler sceme

New government boiler scheme for the end of 2012 / beginning 2013  18 January, 2013   Read More...

Welcome to the new ApexLoft.com

Welcome to the Apex Loft conversions website - packed with lots more content that the old one.  18 November, 2012   Read More...

Apex's part in award winning building .

A little something a bit out of the norm!  05 September, 2012   Read More...

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