Modular loft conversions

I'd love to think it was that easy to build a loft off site in a nice warm factory ( if they exist?) and then lift your modular loft onto the back of a lorry drive it down the rd and lift it into place over few hours on a nice sunny day but its not that easy.

The first massive obstacle is the size of your modular loft literally ! Its massive ! there's no point going down the modular loft and then cutting it into really small sections, so you need to firstly get it to site! This is going to prove very difficult to start with. Even a set of our "Raise the roof" attic trusses need to be made in two parts because of height so wide load is going to prove sometimes near impossible as some modular companies are now finding.

The second is lifting it into position the modular loft sections are just so heavy. Crane access is not to best most time and although the sections may only weigh upto 2 ton or less you will need a 80 ton crane in many cases to lift any great distance even the width of a normal garden. 

Both the above reasons make the constuction costs of a modular loft / prefebricated loft conversion unrealistic alone they are good enough reasons not to have a a modular loft done. 

There are no advantages to a modular loft whatsoever to mention.

But here at Apex loft conversions with a raise the "roof loft conversion" weve made it so efficient to do a truss loft conversion. We can remove your roof and have the main structure of your loft conversion water tight in on the first day. With roof covering and veluxs over the next few days. We are on average completing our lofts in the same time they are claiming to do modular lofts 15 working days. 

The bold statment of off and on in the day does sound hard to believe but we can let you see any of out raise the roof lofts and talk to our any of our customers. 

With our lofts we can also invest all the money saved by not having off site construction and the onsite costs back into your loft by the way of the new gen veluxs, fitings, insulations and all the things that make our lofts some of the best in the country. With a very large sum of money left over in your pocket ( i'd say around 30% cheaper then a modular loft conversion / prefabricated loft conversion.



 12 March, 2014

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