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Roof lift loft conversion in York. Roof was off, back on and watertight in one day!

Loft conversion in York Whole roof removed and replaced in a day.

 29 April, 2016  

The new generation velux window a more energy efficient streamlined product in our lofts from March 2014

We try and stay at the forefront of technology at Apex in all aspects from insulation to windows , methods to design here our partner velux's new generation window enabling us to get more light into you loft yet keeping you even warmer with the new insulated frame and better u value on the glass. 


 25 March, 2014  

A bungalow loft conversion guided tour of our loft conversion kendal.

Raising the roof to form loft conversion.

Raise the roof loft conversion.

Low pitched roof to a steeper pitch loft conversion.

This is a job we did in kendal, it took just short of 4 weeks to complete as we had some great weather and worked the weekends to complete it as fast as we could for our client.

 19 March, 2014  

At last you can watch a video walk around " mickey mouse "

This roof was taken off in one day and was back on and water tight by end of that same day.

 19 March, 2014  

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