Loft Conversion in Kendal

The first monday in may with a half decent weather forcast for the day we set off from barnsley at 4 am!. Early start but we needed to be on mr and mrs C's job for 6 am. 

Arriving ( all 7 of us got on with stripping the 1960's tiled roof off and loading the scaffold waiting for the skip ( would have been pre delivered but i had to be sure it was in the right place to allow client full access to thier home )

By 10am the tiles were striped you could here the sigh off the roof having been ten ton lighter and to be honest probably happy it had got rid of these unsightly tiles.

11 am we had got the old roof timbers off and were left with in effect a flat roofed bungalow.

In between all this the crane arrived, with it being a particularly steep road the job was on it took a little setting up. As he finished setting up the 30 attic trusses turned up ( perfect timing really as we can lift them off the truck with the crane )

Mrs C called back with some welcome hot pasties as that first day we dont really have time for a cuppa never mind to nip off for food.

Now for the simple job off replacing the roof!! 

Like well oiled machine my guys took their positions ( we even had one on traffic duty ).

This is a job that can not be rushed but at the same time all the guys had been doing all the preperation during the morning to make the next few hours go smoothly. This means one at a time , some times two the trusses keep coming. I take the ridge possition as i have for the last 100 raise the roof loft conversions and kev and mick at either side as they have done for more or less the same amout.

With only a little bit of hesitation as we hit the existing access panel ( we needed to cut out ). But by 5pm all the trusses were on ready to felt. Thats when what had been up until that point had been a very nice day turned quite Lake distictly typical. Luckily we are not made of paper and with all hands on deck ( scaffold ) using the modern light wieght felts we got it felted and tempary latted over the next hour we sealed the gables.

I checked the ceilings due the the rain all was good but one light fitting was letting a little water in. Rain is usual but ceilings are tough and any damage we put 100% right. 

It was time for a well diserved tea for the guys so we ate.


 27 January, 2015

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