Moduloft Prefabricated Loft Conversions

We've been raising the roofs on low pitch roofs to form a loft conversion for nearly 20 years. Recently we've seen a few companies arrive that are doing a "prefabricated loft conversion" that appears to drop into place... Simple! I'm not quite sure it is, and my motto is if its not broke dont try and fix it.

Not only do we have the 'if its not broke dont fix it' motto, we have a method thats faster, better and a hell of a lot cheaper. Thats why were sticking to what we're good at at Apex. We still use purposely made trusses as we have always done. We can remove all the existing roof and replace with the new attic trusses, refelting and lathing usually by end of play ( around 6 pm ) the same day. With the whole job taking a conservatively 3 to 6 weeks depending on size. Not the 16 weeks that a few other companies mention.

We already have 100 + raise the roof loft conversions completed all with happy customers recommending us every day. Worried about planning implications? Apex will take it totally off your hands if you like to get you exactly what you want. With a 100% planning success rate for raising the roof loft conversions.

You can't go wrong .

Thanks Woody.

 29 January, 2015

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