Letter to George Osborne

My name is Paul William Woodcock I'm a sold trader owner of Apex loft conversions based in Barnsley . I get enquires and carry out loft conversions all over the country due to my expertise , reputation and specialisation in  " roof lift loft conversions " " raise the roof loft conversions " 

Two weeks ago in response to George Osbourne's statements about a serious lack of homes and quotes like " people should be able to afford to live in the home they need to " I tweeted George Osbourne with my grievances about it getting increasingly difficult to get planning permission to do a simple , minimal yet maximum benefit alteration of raising roofs . A procedure that I have carried out on over 100 homes , with to be honest until recently, not that much objection from the local planning area that each job concerned .
Over the last 2 years it now seems to have got near impossible to get this passed through planning .  So imagine my delight when 2 days after my tweets I hear George Osbourne totally agreeing with me. Ok he cited London as the main area concerned but it's a start. 
I really would like to have a chat with whom it may concern at BPF to explain the home truths of what is happening around the country regarding loft conversions and what seems like planning politics / narrow mindedness for what is such a simple solution to non affordable homes, and to be honest in part a housing shortage.

I've 2 jobs that have just been point blank refused . Another took 8 month to get passed . Another two clients wanting the space for their families to move in upstairs . All of the above in different areas of the UK. 

A rear dormer ( one of the great big boxes builders put on ) does not need planning most of the time , yet raising the roof  only at the ridge by 1.5 m to give the clients usually 3 more rooms does . The roof looks more or less the same and increasing the volume of the house by minimal square meterage . This obviously does not increase the foot print and does not use anymore land (that we have definitely a shortage of).

A while ago planning for extensions was "supposedly made easier" but really all this did mean that the second it did not fit the permitted development criteria , planning said no , because they can .
A short while ago it was brought into policy that even Velux windows need planning permission when facing sideways. Unless above head height! The world has gone mad. 

I could go on but really would like to be a part of finding a solution to the housing problem we have. I have no financial gain from getting policy changed for raising the roofs as I've enough work to last me 2 years but I'm passionate about raising roofs and not resorting to doing unsightly dormers. This is my motivation to try and get this procedure easier to get through planning departments rather than the inconsistent frustrating battles I currently face.

I'd love to talk to whom you think would be the right person either via this email or better by phone on 07974653481 please 

Many thanks in advance 
Paul William Woodcock . 



 02 August, 2015

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