10 reasons to use Apex lofts.

1. We have just celebrated twenty two years of carrying out loft conversions, meaning we'd like to think we've seen every potential problem whether it be in planning , building regs or in construction, usually sorting every issue out before it even arose. We endeavour to make sure it never happens again.

2. Not one loft is the same even if we were to convert a whole street of identical homes, each finished loft would be slightly different, this is usually due to a clients requirements. Our flexibility during construction is another thing that makes us stand out from the rest . . . you want an extra window ( planning permission permitting ) . . . you can have an extra window!. 

If you want a higher ceiling in the loft . . . just say the word!

you want a lower ceiling in the loft . . . that's no problem either!

Nothing is too much trouble. 

3 . So far we have only ever been beaten by planning once. 

We have obtained planning permission for well over 100 'raise the roof' loft conversions. We are not saying each has been easy and some we would have to say very difficult but please rest assure that Apex will fight tooth and nail to get you the roof lift loft conversion you want. 

4. We are probably the only company that specialises in 'raise the roof' loft conversions. We have been around long before other companies like moduloft loft conversions. 

We pioneered taking the roof off and raising the roof to give all the extra space you need and still making it an aesthetically amazing loft conversion too.

5.We only work on one loft at a time. Because of this the Company owner (myself) is able to be on site all of the time, from start to finish, to ensure the best loft conversion that money can buy.

6. Our pre sales and after sales can not be beaten. With no money paid up front and even a retention at the end of the job too.

7. We have thousands of ideas and an attitude that anything is possible ,if it not going to cost anything but a little bit of labour we can even put your spur of the moment ideas into practice during the build. For example, we have previously had a personalised piece of glass placed in the floor of a room with the solar system incorporated in it at a clients request. Hey. . . even if you wanted a slide from one floor down to the one below for the kids . . . no problem!!

8.Speed is of the essence in a loft conversion, we are working against the elements a lot of the time so this is why on a roof lift loft conversion we get that roof off and on in the same day! That means water tight on the first day and the average roof lift loft conversion takes 2/3 weeks. 

9. Technology is constantly changing, so here at Apex we have kept up to date and at the top of our game for the last twenty years. Whether it is the latest computer aided design software to the latest insulation to the best dry roof systems, this makes us the market leader for giving you the most carefully considered loft conversion possible.

10.We have worked directly with Velux for the last 20 years constantly giving them feed back on their products and testing the latest innovations they have to offer. Apex is a member of the highly regarded Five Star Installer partnership,  this makes our knowledge of Velux windows second to none. We have even pioneered certain structural parts so we can join groups of windows in 4's and 6's like no other company in the country does . . . we are simply unique! Check out some of the photos on this website of groups of windows, then compare and contrast to those of other companies.


 26 March, 2014

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